CEO Michael Megna’s Response To Dr. Oz Controversy Acrylic Nails Beauty Salon Products

CEO Michael Megna of Backscratcher's Salon Systems responds to Dr. OZ criticism of acrylic nails. Dr. OZ states acrylic nails and the chemicals used to apply them and remove them (such as acetone) are unsafe. CEO Michael Megna, an expert with over 25 years in the beauty & salon (specifically nails) industry clarifies misconceptions to educate nail techs. He mentions unhealthy & unsafe acrylics or 'fake fingernail' problems occur when the untrained nail technician uses incorrect procedures during the application process. In 2010 Backscratchers will solve this industry-wide problem with a first-of-it's-kind online training on the safe application of salon nail systems. To learn about the online Nail Tech Certification course visit

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