How You Can Have Soft & Beautiful Skin

Did you know that for long-lasting soft & beautiful skin, there are a number of important ingredients? There are others that should be avoided. Everyone wants beautiful natural skin, but most people don’t know how to get it and the cosmetic companies don’t help matters.

We have been told to look for creams containing collagen or the animal form of vitamin A, known as retinol. In some products, the synthetic version of the vitamin is used. The safety and health benefits of synthetic vitamins are questionable.

Excessive amounts of the animal form of vitamin A are toxic. The forms found in plants, known as Carotenoids, are non-toxic. The body converts Carotenoids into retinol on an as-needed basis. Any excess passes through the body, without effect. When it comes to the skin’s appearance, retinol can cause yellowing or hyper-pigmentation.

Collagens are not effective ingredients for soft & beautiful skin. The protein is an important component of skin, but the cells cannot take it up, because the molecules are too large. The amino acid chains found in collagen are also too long, to be useful for forming new fibers.

One of the secrets for beautiful natural skin is kelp. A specific variety called wakame is particularly beneficial. It is a good source of vitamin A and it has been shown in clinical studies to inhibit enzymatic activity that breaks down hyaluronic acid, a glucose-amino acid complex that helps bind the skin’s cells and fibers together. Loss of hyaluronic acid causes dark circles under the eyes and sagging.

Another of the ingredients for soft & beautiful skin is a short-chained amino acid, known as a peptide complex. They promote the production of new cells and can bind with pro-collagen molecules to form new fibers. Companies use a variety of different peptides. Some are naturally occurring. Others are synthetic. For beautiful natural skin, the best is called CYNERGY TK. It is extracted from sheep’s wool and gently processed so that the amino acids retain their nutritional value.

If you want beautiful natural skin, you need to look for products that are free of artificial preservatives and added fragrances, even naturally occurring ones. Those are the two most common causes of redness, irritation and inflammation. Chronic inflammation plays a major role in the aging process. Other ingredients can also have unwanted affects.

Mineral oil, for example, is one of the most common ingredients in body lotion, but it is derived from petroleum (gasoline) byproducts. It smells terrible, so in order to include it in lotion, the manufactures add lots of fragrance ingredients. It is not similar to the skin’s sebum, the oil produced by the human body. It clogs the pores and can contain toxic contaminants.

For soft & beautiful skin, the best body lotions contain CYNERGY TK, wakame kelp, jojoba, grape seed and olive oil. If you use them, you will have beautiful natural skin, guaranteed.

Bottom line, there are several lines of products that include the phrase “soft & beautiful skin” in their names. I wouldn’t waste my money on any of them.

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